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Analysis of 
Future World Events
The Study of Repetitive
Historical Cycles

Invisible roads merge along a mathematical highway

separated geographically by thousands of miles but

symbolically converge in a Time and a Place where all roads

lead to the same Celestial neighborhood. 

The Celestial message written thousands of years

prior to humanity’s calculation of  Time...

the message contains the Earth-lease date.

Lampholder Publications' research into the ancient cosmology

of various cultures found a common thread: 

a mathematical puzzle encoded in the interpretation of the

constellations.  When the interlocking pieces were connected,

the result gave a glimpse into the future?

--are three of these mysteriously hidden codes merely coincidence?


...The next Chapter in the Earth’s Book of Destiny --

when the pin drops; the pitch so loud...

it reverberates around the world.

The Tide will turn, the Pendulum swings reverse,

The Scales will adjust to balance

before the Season of recourse....

Time will not be a friend.

When the Grains of Sand push back against the Tide,

the oppressed become the oppressor.


You search this site for Prophecy...

with the desire to know the future?

Time is not a day, or a year, but a Season.

The Season stands as a monument carved into the past...

An important moment in Time, a marker,

where the past and future co-exist.


...Prophecy is revealed to those who discern, 

and heard only by those who listen.


The Year of the INFJs

[The Lampholder] is the nature of prophecy to first forewarn,

because while the flower children smell the roses,

the locusts destroy the garden.

[Lampholder prophecy 2001]

Before you step forward, step backward;

the key to the future is what was left behind.

The Lampholder 2004

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As above, as below:  In ancient cosmology the heavens were depicted

as a vast ocean.  “A NASA spacecraft has recorded eerie-sounding

radio emissions coming from our own planet.
The EARTH HUM or   ”Songs of Earth”

America & The World At The Crossroads
The Pivotal Year(s)

Prophecy is simply a reflective mirror...
an image of the future in the present.

Real Time World Statistics ode to the past dear ‘Hodós Way;’ the future belongs to God.

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“Only With the heart can a person see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

True Prophets do not wear titles or celebrity status; 

They are not remembered for their heroism, or like-ability.

..they are remembered because their words reverberate through time, 

quickening the soul with fear, trembling, and the knowledge of GOD.

The Prophecy Continues....

The Lampholder 1999

2020 The Year of The INFJs

How to Trust?

Who is Yeshua?




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Intuitive Knowledge, Prophetic Research, Historical Symbolism in Religious Documents,

Ancient Astronomy, Prophecy and World Religions in Prophecy

The Past:
The Strands of Time 
Fused Together.

The Future:
The Shadow of Yesterday
Reflected in Tomorrow.

Does History Repeat?


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Prophecy Puzzles:

The outside pieces are obvious and easily fit together; but the middle, the inside puzzle pieces, sit for a

long time before they connect.

[Lampholder July 11, 2007]

Prophecy can change the course

of History, but sometimes

History should be left to follow

the course of Destiny.


Prophecy the flood tide--impossible

to count the waves but

you can see them coming.

Prophecy...people must take

comfort in the fact that the succession of world events are

a part of the prophetic, and

the role of prophecy doesn’t

become apparent until it

becomes a part of the past.